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At Colorado's Finest, we have a supportive community focused on helping students achieve their dreams.

When you enroll, you become part of the Finest Family.

Admissions Information

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School Information

The About page contains school contact information, Demographic Information, Vision/Mission/Motto, Records Request, etc. 

Finest 101

At Colorado's Finest, we combine rigorous academics with a supportive environment. Students can find their passions and excel.

Our Staff

The staff at Finest are dedicated, caring and highly qualified.

Enrichment Programs

Finest offers exciting programs that prepare students for successful careers while also catering to their interests.

Salon & Spa Academy

Colorado's Finest Salon & Spa Academy prepares students to become certified in esthetics, cosmetology and nail technology. Students will be prepared for postsecondary education, starting a successful career and even owning their own business.