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Colorado's Finest High School of Choice

Colorado's Finest High School of Choice is part of the Englewood School District, located south in the Denver Metro area.  We are a school of choice with around 80% of our students coming from surrounding districts.

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Safe and Accepting Setting

Colorado's Finest offers an alternative setting for students seeking a smaller and more personal high school experience with a population around 300 students.  We are committed to honoring students' identities, cultures, and abilities in a safe and accepting environment.

Personalized Education

Students take ownership of their education with the option of can choosing a standard pathway towards graduation, or by graduating sooner by taking additional classes, completing independent assignments, credit recovery, college courses, or online learning opportunities. 

Teacher meeting with student.
Teacher /Student Relationships

Faculty have a deep understanding of their content and a strong desire to build positive, supportive relationships with students. 

Students making origami.
Engaging Classes

Fun, interactive, and engaging classes are designed by staff to motivate students. These students are exploring Japanese culture and creating origami to exemplify the power of cooperation, patience, symmetry, and multicultural awareness.

STEM Student and Teacher
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Students in STEM use 21st Century Skills to foster creativity, critical thinking, and real-world applications as the design websites, computer games, build drones and remote cars, create digital art, solve a city's design needs, analyzing and predicting weather patterns, etc.

Student making digital music.
Digital Audio Production

The digital audio production program offers students an opportunity to participate in the use of state-of-the art digital audio workstations where they manipulate sound waveforms for music and/or video production.

Music and Guitar Classes

Along with Digital Audio, students may also develop guitar and keyboarding skills in the Music Fine Arts program.

Student on keyboard.
Music Performance and Recording

Students can record themselves playing various instruments from the control booth, or join other students to form a band and share music. 

Student cutting hair.
Salon & Spa Academy

Colorado’s Finest Salon & Spa Academy offers hands-on training in the modern program of cosmetology using up-to-date equipment and facilities. We provide the best education to help encourage a successful transition into the working world.

Student with the bunny.
SAGE/ Animal Care

Students learn how to care for rabbits, geckos, chickens, snakes, guineas, tarantulas, bees, and other animals, while also learning to maintain salt water tanks, green house plants, garden plots, composting, and landscaping. 

Student with chickens.
SAGE/ Enclosures

With Sustainable Agriculture/ Green Energy, students learn how to care and responsibly interact with animals by building and maintaining animal enclosures. 

SAGE/ Landscaping

Students learn how to design or improve gardens and the surroundings of buildings to make them more functional and attractive. 

Various Art Courses

Students will create a digital portfolio in Art Class showing their progress throughout the session and possibly present their work in the display cases or various art shows. 

Student working with clay.
Ceramics/Pottery Classes

Students can grow in ceramics techniques of their choice including pinched sculptures, coiling, slab building, surface design, glazing and the pottery wheel.

Rose Ceremony

As part of the Rose Ceremony, students have an opportunity to honor someone who supported them on their journey towards graduation.


Each student is assigned a Family Teacher to help them navigate their high school journey.  The Family Teacher awards the diploma to the student at graduation. 

Choose Your Finest Future

At Colorado's Finest, we have a supportive community focused on helping students achieve their dreams.

When you enroll, you become part of the Finest Family.

Admissions Information

If you're interested in attending Finest, fill out this form to sign up for a test date and someone will contact you shortly.

School Information

The About page contains school contact information, Demographic Information, Vision/Mission/Motto, Records Request, etc. 

Finest 101

At Colorado's Finest, we combine rigorous academics with a supportive environment. Students can find their passions and excel.

Our Staff

The staff at Finest are dedicated, caring and highly qualified.

Enrichment Programs

Finest offers exciting programs that prepare students for successful careers while also catering to their interests.

Salon & Spa Academy

Colorado's Finest Salon & Spa Academy prepares students to become certified in esthetics, cosmetology and nail technology. Students will be prepared for postsecondary education, starting a successful career and even owning their own business.