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A Better High School Experience

Colorado's Finest High School of Choice is a free public school that provides exceptional support and an inclusive environment that helps students reach their full potential and complete a high school diploma. CFHSC is centrally located and easily accessible in Englewood, Colorado -- just south of Denver.

Students come to Finest for a variety of reasons. Many have not been happy or successful at other high schools, but have a great experience at Colorado's Finest because of the amazing staff, culture of inclusivity and wide range of opportunities offered to our students.

Our faculty are committed to knowing each student and supporting them individually to reach their goals. Each student is assigned to a family group with a family teacher who is there to know and support the student as they work toward graduation. Our program has a proven track record of success, outperforming many other alternative high schools in the state with student performance and graduation rates. 


How to enroll?

Students interested in attending Colorado's Finest High School of Choice must take a short entrance exam in Language Arts, Mathematics and Writing.

Sign up for a test date here or call us at 303-934-5786