Attendance Line: 303-806-6929

  • Call to excuse your student if you know they will be absent. 
  • Students checked out for an appointment can return with a note from a care provider. (Doctor, therapist, dentist, etc.)
  • Excusing absences helps maintain your school’s rating, informs teachers of certain circumstances, and avoids unexcused absences which can lead to truancy.
  • Excusing an absence does not excuse the student from any points missed.  Points are gained by completion of work. 
  • Students who are excused are expected to contact their teachers and make up any work missed. 

Attendance Policy

In order to remain in good standing, our students must maintain 90% attendance in all classes. If you receive an automated absence call, it reflects an absence recorded in Infinite Campus, as the system only initiates calls for recorded absences in one or more classes. We do not make absence calls home for students arriving tardy to class. If you believe your student's attendance has been recorded incorrectly, please feel free to call our office or your student's family teacher for details about the absence. To gain access to your student's attendance in Infinite Campus, please contact the office or your family teacher for instructions on how to do so.