Staff Directory

The heart of our school is our faculty. Our teachers are people who possess both a deep understanding of their content and a strong desire to build positive, supportive relationships with students. Our school believes that the best teacher is someone who students know, trust and respect. Teachers at Colorado's Finest have "families" of up to twenty students. Each teacher gets to know his or her students as individuals, and serve as the liaison between home and school for the student's entire career at Finest. All teachers are certified by the state and highly qualified in their fields.

Our counseling department is dedicated to empowering every student to achieve academic success, personal and social growth, wellness and career exploration, and inspiring students to graduate with an individual plan for their future.

Each of our support personal work tirelessly to ensure the staff and students have all the support and resources they need to meet the needs of our students.  


Cindy Chick


Justin Johnson

Assistant Principal


Katherine Roybal

​​​​​​​(School Counselor)

Mackenzie Mead

(School Counselor)

Heather Powers

(Student Advocate)

James Walsh

(Post-Secondary Advisor)

Office Staff

Norma MarLopez

(Main Office Secretary)

Loree Schauer


Talia Descheenie

(Health Assistant)

English Language Arts

Mallory Hohensee

Adrian Blumenthal

Kristin Zambo


Dan Marlow

Ginger Rode


Scott Wallace

Social Studies

Brian Cramer

Dylan Dyer

David Yeatts

Fine Arts, PE, Health

Jana Horchem


Erin Rademacher

(Fine Arts)

Jesse Weber

(Digital Audio/ ELA)

Kjersten Ostrom-Condojani


Salon & Spa Academy

Michelle Schiltz

Monica Adams

Tommy Yearous

Kayleigh Triska

Kimberly Kersen

Academic Support

Matthew McGregor

(Instructional Coach)

Marc Robson


Shon Allbritten

(SPED Support)

Building Support

Jerry Salazar

(Head Custodian)

Lourdes Oropeza

(Night Custodian)

Teresa Serrano

(Night Custodian)

Robyn McNamara

(Cafeteria Manager)

Building Support

Joel Stone

(Safety/Counseling Support)

Clarice Fortunato

(Community Liaison)

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