Your Finest Future Awaits

Colorado's Finest High School of Choice is a free public school located in the Southern Denver Metro Area that provides exceptional support in an inclusive environment that helps students reach their full potential. 

Our program has a proven track record of success, outperforming many other alternative high schools in the state with student performance and graduation rates. 

Students choose to enroll at Colorado's Finest for a variety of reasons and many find it a great experience because of the positive climate, culture of inclusivity, wide range of opportunities offered, and dedicated staff.

Our faculty are committed to building relationships with students to support them in obtaining their high school diploma while exploring and developing plans for their individual post-secondary goals. 

Colorado's Finest accepts new students at the beginning of each of our 6-week session.  Please follow these steps to enroll your student in the school.

Because it does take time to complete the process of enrollment, please use this Admissions Checklist to ensure that all documents and processes are completed timely.  

Step 1: Online Enrollment Request

Complete the following link for each interested student.  This information will be used to contact you concerning upcoming dates and times for testing, so please include an email that is regularly checked.  

Enrollment Request

Step 2: Student Records

To prevent delays in the process, please share copies of any relevant educational records, such as Transcripts, as early in the process as possible.  

Copies can be brought to testing, dropped off at the school, or emailed directly: 


Step 3: Student Testing

Each student must attend and pass Enrollment Tests for Reading and Math.
Testing will take between 45 and 75 minutes and students will be informed immediately if they pass. 
Students are encouraged to review Number Sense before testing: Fractions, Percentage, Order of Operations, Negative Numbers, etc.

Step 4: District Enrollment

Complete the district online registration form for Infinite Campus

Scroll down and choose “Start New Registration.”  Make sure pop-up windows are not blocked. 

District Enrollment

If you need assistance, email or visit the school for assistance.

IC Parent Portal Support

Step 5: Parent Orientation

Both the student and a parent/guardian must attend a Parent Orientation.
Parent Orientation dates are listed on this page below.

Step 6: Orientation Paperwork

Complete and submit the Orientation paperwork files located under Orientation Paperwork at the bottom of this web page under Orientation Paperwork
  • Guidelines and Expectations
  • Englewood Safety Contract
  • Choice Enrollment Form

Step 7: Welcome Email

Upon processing of all Admissions paperwork and supporting documents, plus  completion of the District Online Registration, your application can be processed for official enrollment.
Once everything is finalized, you will receive an official welcome email from the Principal welcoming you to the school with introductory information.

Step 8: Meet Family Teacher

You will be greeted by the Family Teacher by phone or email to introduce themselves and review the schedule. 

Step 9: First Day of School

Your student will arrive for their first day at Finest and be greeted in the office by someone who will show them their classes and review their schedule.

Upcoming Student Admissions Testing (Step 3)

Upcoming student testing Information

  • Once you have completed the Online Enrollment Request (Step 1), you will receive email notifications for any upcoming test times and dates.  Please ensure you included an email address you check often.  This will be our primary mode of contacting you.
  • Any questions about testing can be addressed to  
  • Parents are not required to attend testing, but are encouraged to bring and complete any admissions paperwork to streamline the admissions process. 
  • Please check in with the front office when you arrive.

District Enrollment with Infinite Campus (Step 4)

After passing testing, please complete the district online enrollment form.  This creates your student account in Infinite Campus so we can continue to process the student's enrollment.

Infinite Campus Support Documents:

Setting Up Your Parent Portal and Contact Preferences

Getting Started: Campus Student & Campus Parent

Upcoming Parent Orientations (Step 5)

The incoming student and at least one parent or guardian is required to attend one Parent Orientation prior to the student being admitted into the program. 

There will only be one parent/student orientation at the start of each grading session.  Attendance at the orientation is mandatory.  

Orientation Paperwork (Step 6)

It is mandatory for the incoming student and at least one parent/guardian to attend a Parent Orientation.  Failure to attend an Orientation means the student may not enroll at Colorado's Finest.  

Each of these documents need to be completed and turned in to complete the registration process:

These and other supporting documents (Transcripts, behavior report, guardianship paperwork, or immunization records) can be brought to testing or emailed to   Please include the student's name in the email. 

All paperwork must be submitted by February 13th to allow time for processing your application.  After that date, we will begin processing your paperwork for the following Session. 

Registration Fees

  • One time $125 activity fee. 
  • Annual $25 instructional technology fee.
  • Some CTE/CE/AP courses include fees.

For students who qualify for Free Lunch, these fees will be waived. 

Student Parking:

There are no fees or registration for student parking, but the parking lot is small.  If you have to park in the street, please do not block anyone's driveway. 


Optional Supply List

Please bring the items you are able to bring, but if circumstances prevent you from bringing these items, supplies will be provided for your student.  If you are able to bring additional supplies they will gladly be accepted and distributed to students in need.  At Finest, we take care of each other. 

3 Highlighters (3 different colors: yellow, green, orange, pink or blue)
1 Package of Permanent Markers (Sharpies - Medium/Fine/Extra Fine)
1 Package of Crayola Markers
1 Box/package of Multi-Colored pencils
1 Package of Multi-Color Printer Paper (any color or quantity)
2 Packages of White Printer Paper (500 sheets)
1 Package of Dry Erase Markers
1 Dry Erase Marker Eraser
1 Package of Post-it Notes
1 Package Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponges
3 Boxes of Tissue