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Welcome to the Admissions page for students interested in enrolling at Colorado's Finest High School of Choice.  By completing the Enrollment Request form, you will receive email notifications of upcoming testing and orientations. 

Because it does take time to complete the process of enrollment, please use this Admissions Checklist to ensure that all documents and processes are completed timely.  

If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, please email  or browse our Virtual Tour.

To learn more about the school, we encourage you to browse the About and Finest 101 pages of our website.

Colorado's Finest is a school of choice serving students in the Denver Metro Area.  We accept new students every 6 weeks.  

We have now concluded testing for entry in the 23-24 School Year.  All testing at this point is for the 2024-2025 School Year

Session starts for the 2024-25 School year are as follows:

  • Session 1: August 13
  • Session 2: September 23
  • Session 3: November 4
  • Session 4: January 7
  • Session 5: February 18
  • Session 6: April 9

To enroll at Finest, please follow the steps provided below.  All processes and paperwork must be completed timely to ensure a start at the beginning of a session.  Otherwise, you may complete the processes and the student may enroll in the following session. 

Upcoming Testing

Testing Sessions for a Session 1 Start in August.

Make sure you have completed the Enrollment Request prior to attending.

  • May 21st (between 3-5 PM)
  • May 22nd (between 3-5 PM)
  • July 30th (between 9-11 AM)
  • July 31st (between 1-3 PM)
  • August 6th (between 3-5 PM)

We provide a testing "window" of time for students to accommodate your schedule. Students may check in and begin testing at any time during a testing session.  

Testing times for upcoming sessions will be posted here, so please check back often. 

Parents are not required to attend testing, but are encouraged to bring and complete any admissions paperwork to streamline the admissions process.

Please check in with the front office when you arrive.

Upcoming Orientation

Students should have completed testing prior to attending Orientation.  Both are required for completing the enrollment process. 

  • May 22nd (6 PM)
  • August 6th (6 PM)

The doors open at 5:30, the Orientation will begin at 6, and lasts about an hour and a half.  

An optional tour will be provided after testing.


Step 1: Enrollment Request

Complete the following link for each interested student.  Once you have completed the Online Enrollment Request, you will receive email notifications for any upcoming test times and dates.  This will be our primary mode of contacting you, so please include an email that is regularly checked.

Enrollment Request

Step 2: Student Records

To prevent delays in the process, please share copies of any relevant educational records, such as Transcripts, as early in the process as possible.

Copies can be brought to testing, dropped off at the school, or emailed directly to

Step 3: Student Testing

Each student must attend and pass Enrollment Tests for Reading and Math.

Testing will take between 45 and 75 minutes and students will be informed immediately if they pass. 

Students are encouraged to review Number Sense before testing: Fractions, Percentage, Order of Operations, Negative Numbers, etc.


Step 4: District Enrollment

Complete the District Enrollment online registration form for Infinite Campus
  • Scroll down and choose “Start New Registration.” 
  • Make sure pop-up windows are not blocked. 
  • This must be completed even if your current or former school used Infinite Campus; the systems to do connect.

If you need assistance, email or visit the school for assistance.

Step 5: Parent Orientation

Parent Orientations are mandatory for both the student and a parent/guardian.  

Missing Orientation before a session begins will result in a student waiting to begin classes at the beginning of a following session.

Parent Orientation dates are listed on this page above.

An optional tour will be provided after testing.

Step 6: Orientation Paperwork

The following and other supporting documents (Transcripts, behavior report, guardianship paperwork, educational plans, or immunization records) can be brought to orientation or emailed to  

Please include the student's name in the email. 


Step 7: Welcome Email

Your application for enrollment can be finalized once all of the previous steps are completed.

Once finalized, you will receive an official welcome email from the Principal welcoming you to the school with introductory information.

Step 8: Meet Family Teacher

Transcripts and grade reports you provide will be used by the Counselors to create a schedule for your first session.  The Registrar will request official transcripts from your previous school and apply any additional credit once received. You will then be greeted by your new Family Teacher by phone or email to introduce themselves and review the schedule. 

Step 9: First Day of School

Your student will arrive for their first day at Finest and be greeted in the office by someone who will show them their classes and review their schedule.

School supplies may be dropped off in the Main Office at any time.