Student Admission Testing (Step 3)

Upcoming student testing Information

  • Once you have completed the Online Enrollment Request (Step 1), you will receive email notifications for any upcoming test times and dates.  Please ensure you included an email address you check often.  This will be our primary mode of contacting you.
  • Any questions about testing can be addressed to  
  • Guardians are not required to check in their students for testing, but are encouraged to bring and complete any admissions paperwork to streamline the admissions process.   Guardians can wait for their student in the office or their car, but it is also a good opportunity to grab a coffee. 
  • Please check in with the front office when you arrive.
  • Testing will typically take between 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Students will take a Math and Reading test and complete a writing sample. 

Upcoming Testing for an August 12 start:

  • May 22, Arrive any time between 3-5 PM
  • May 23, Arrive any time between 3-5 PM
  • May 24, Arrive any time between 8-12 AM

Testing at one of these times will secure your spot for August, but we will have more testing opportunities available in late July.