Supply List

Please bring the items you are able to bring, but if circumstances prevent you from bringing these items, supplies will be provided for your student.  If you are able to bring additional supplies they will gladly be accepted and distributed to students in need.  At Finest, we take care of each other. 

Items to Share
3 Highlighters (3 different colors: yellow, green, orange, pink or blue)
1 Package of Permanent Markers (Sharpies - Medium/Fine/Extra Fine)
1 Package of Crayola Markers
1 Box/package of Multi-Colored pencils
1 Package of Multi-Color Printer Paper (any color or quantity)
2 Packages of White Printer Paper (500 sheets)
1 Package of Dry Erase Markers
1 Dry Erase Marker Eraser
1 Package of Post-it Notes
1 Package Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponges
3 Boxes of Tissue

Items can be dropped off at the main office.  If there are personal items you want to keep for yourself, such as a notebook or set of pens, please do not include them with the supplies you take to the office.