Letter of Recommendation Request - Working on your Academic Review? Fill out this form and make copies to provide to your teachers or staff members who you want to ask for a letter of recommendation. See Kat or Heather G. if you haven't already begun to discuss your Academic Review/Post-Graduation Plan. 

Blank Resume Template- Make a copy to edit and revise your unique resume.

Community Service form

On-The-Job Training (OTJ) Forms: 

OTJ Training Process - This explains each step students must take to register for OTJ Training and receive credit. 

OTJ Pre-Approval request - Required, step #1, Student and family teacher must sign and return this form to the OTJ Coordinator (H. Powers) to ensure they are eligible for OTJ Credit.

OTJ Training Agreement - Required, step #2, Once approved the student will review the OTJ Training Agreement with the OTJ Coordinator. All 4 sections need to be completed: Student agreement, Employment plan and agreement (to be completed with the employer), Parent agreement and OTJ Coord. agreement. 

Required Step #3: Submit pay stubs each session. A Post-Evaluation must be completed by the employer once a semester to earn points (page 2 of the OTJ Agreement).

Contact Heather Powers for OTJ Training support: (303) 806-7200,


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Staff Naviance 

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