Finest 101

Colorado's Finest is similar to other high schools in many ways, and very different in others.  We have classes, grades, prom, and graduation, but what often separates us from other high schools is in HOW we conduct business. This section will detail some of the aspects about how the school functions. 

What's Different About Finest?

  • Individualism and independence are respected by staff and students.
  • Faculty have both a deep understanding of their content as well as a strong desire to build positive, supportive relationships with their students. 
  • Proactive use of mediation and restorative practices to stop bullying and anti-social behaviors before they begin. 
  • Homework is not required; the majority of work is completed in class.
  • Hope and a fresh start are offered as students choose new classes every six weeks.
  • Point system instead of traditional grades, which allows students to work at an academic pace that is right for them.
  • Wide variety of classes with flexible start and end times.


"I didn't just find a school; I found a HOME."

- CFHSC Student

"CFHSC teaches the students to be more responsible for their OWN lives."

- CFHSC Parent

"There are no cliques, no judgement; instead everyone is EQUAL."

- CFHSC Student

"CFHSC is a school of choice for ANY type of student."

- CFHSC Teacher