A Family Teacher at Finest is the most important position because they are directly responsible for supporting their Family students and maintaining open communication with parents/guardians.  
Parents appreciate having a single point of contact for ongoing collaboration and communication. 
Students appreciate having a dedicated adult who continually meets with them to offer support and encouragement. 

Once a student becomes enrolled at Finest, they are randomly assigned a Family Teacher.  This person will support them until they graduate from the school. 

A Family Teacher is a member of the teaching staff.  Along with their content area classes, they meet with their Family each day after lunch for 20 minutes.  During this time they pass along important information for students, individually counsel students academically and address any other needs students might have.  They work collaboratively with their students to track academic progress, choose classes, address any struggles the student might be having, offer supports, etc. 

Family teachers also maintain open communication with parents/guardians about the their student's academic progress and work collaboratively to address any problem areas.  

Family teachers also address any possible disciplinary issues with their students and work to resolve issues through the Appeals process. 

When a student completes all graduation requirements, they conduct the graduation ceremonies and present students with their diploma at graduation.