Will you be driving yourself to school?  Parking at Finest is free!  We do not require students to purchase parking passes.

Further, parking is simple; students may park in any space in the lot on the northwest corner of the campus.  Keep in mind that this lot is shared with staff, so spots may fill up.  If this happens, students are welcomed to park on the streets around the campus, but they should stick to parking on the campus side of the street so as to avoid creating access issues for our neighbors.  Additionally, students may park in the lot on the south side of the building.

A brief note - there is a small parking lot on the east side of the property.  This lot is meant for cosmetology staff and clients.  Finest students are not to park there.

Will you be riding public transit to school?  The nearest bus stop is at Broadway and Chenango, two blocks east of the school building.  The nearest light rail stop is at Santa Fe and Ocford.

Unfortunately, there are no school busses for Finest students.  Given the fact our students come from all over town, it would be difficult to set up bussing for our students.