Points & Cards

A point is equivalent to 1/150 of a credit. It takes 150 points to equal 1 credit.

A point is earned by the student when the teacher places his/her signature in the area of both attendance and participation on the student’s points/attendance card. Normally, a student earns a point for an entire period of work or effort.


One single point is earned each time the “A” and “P” portions of the card are initialed by the teacher. A point is worth an entire period of work or effort. This may require completing worksheets, taking notes, watching a video, listening to the teacher or classmates, participating in group-activities etc. During some classes, a teacher may require a certain worksheet to be completed before the point is earned. Under these circumstances, an arrow can be given until the work is submitted. If a student completes all work required but the teacher feels that the student’s behavior was not adequate, an arrow or “X” can be awarded.


An arrow is given to the student if for some reason the student did not fulfill the expectations of the teacher for that specific class period. Examples would include poor behavior, profanity, sleeping, wandering, not completing work or, not actively listening or participating. Arrows also tend to be less time consuming for a student to make up than an “X”.


When a student enters class late, they will receive a late arrow in the “P” portion. The student is not awarded a point for that class. If they are just a few minutes late, they may be allowed to earn this point back by simply arriving on time the following day (teacher's discretion). If a student does not attend the following day, they forfeit the ability to make up that point by arriving on time. If a student arrives late by fifteen minutes or more, then their card will not be signed at all. They may stay in class in order to avoid becoming further behind. 


If a student blatantly does no work or behaves disrespectfully to other students or the staff, the student then earns an “X.” If the student is given an "X" they must leave for the remainder of the day and return the following day. If they receive an "X" in their last period of the day, they will not be able to return the next school day(i.e. if the X is received last period on Tuesday the student will not be able to return until Thursday). The teacher does not need to give the student any extra work to make up an "X".


The purpose of the card is to hold the students accountable for their work and to give them immediate feedback. Most of our students thrive on the establishment and achievement of short-term goals. As a result, short-term goals are provided for the students in the form of hourly points and short six-week sessions.

Points potentially earned are placed in the area above “points” and next to the times of classes. This will be blank the first week of each session because no points have been earned yet. When there are five days in the first week of a session and the card is turned over for the second week, the teacher will place a “5” in the appropriate place to depict that five points should have been earned for 100% points.

If a student is on time and in class for the entire period, he/she earns the signature under the “A” portion of the card for attendance. If the student is late (up to fifteen minutes), the teacher will give the student a late arrow under the portion “P” for participation. If the student is late fifteen minutes or more, the teacher will simply not sign the card at all; however, the student may stay in class if he/she prefers.

If a student has not earned points, has behavioral or attendance issues they must face appeals (a board of staff members/peers) to determine a plan of action to restore their status as a student. A student must face appeals if he/she does not make 90% of their possible points per 6-week grading period in all of their classes.

All students must hand in any extra work five (5) school days prior to the week of appeals.

STUDENTS WHO MADE IT! Students, who have over 90% of their points in all of their classes will not face appeals.

STUDENTS FACING APPEALS. Students who most likely cannot make their 90% points by the deadline will need to schedule an appeals.

If a student has four previous appeals or is on his/her fifth appeals, it is automatically a staff appeals. An immediate staff appeals can be called at any time to deal with improper behavior of a student. Students who break two consecutive probations from prior appeals must face a staff appeals.