Enrichment Programs Available at Finest

Along with core course offerings in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Health, Colorado's Finest offers many CTE and CE programs; some of which are located on the campus itself. These programs allow students to simultaneously earn credit toward their high school diploma along with college credit toward an Associate degree or credit toward a career-focused certificate for eligible courses.

Salon & Spa Academy

Colorado's Finest Salon & Spa Academy prepares students to become certified in esthetics, cosmetology and nail technology. Students will be prepared for postsecondary education, starting a successful career and even owning their own business.

Digital Audio Production

The digital audio production program offers students an opportunity to participate in the use of state-of-the art digital audio workstations where they manipulate sound waveforms for music and/or video production. 


The S.A.G.E. program provides students with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed within an agricultural pathway: Animal Systems, Plant Systems, Food Products & Processing Systems, Natural Resource Systems, Environmental Systems, and Agricultural Business Systems.


The STEM program fosters an environment to support student acquisition and practice of 21st century skills comprised of critical thinking and reasoning, information literacy, collaboration, self-direction, and invention.

Fine Arts

Our students work with a variety of mediums including: acrylics, oil and watercolor painting, clay sculpture, papier-mache' and life drawing.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a program for high school students to attend college classes and receive high school credit AND college credit at the same time.