Career and College Ready

Preparing Students for Career and College Success

Students will take many paths to achieve success and their dreams. 

At Englewood Schools, we are committed to ensuring that all of our students are ready for a career and/or college after high school. As students navigate their high school experiences, families have many important decisions to make regarding next steps after high school, also referred to as postsecondary options. Englewood Schools offers several programs to help students prepare for the rigors of college, a career, and life. 

What does it mean to be Career + College Ready?

Students who are ready for career and college have developed a set of skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed to get to the next step in their postsecondary journey. 

College readiness is the set of skills, behaviors, and knowledge a high school student should have before enrollment in their first year of college. Students who are ready for college have reached a level of academic skill and competency, and are able to enroll, be successful, and graduate from college without the need for remediation classes. Englewood Schools offers many services to prepare students for postsecondary educational options. 

Career readiness means students can demonstrate certain workforce skills that will contribute to their success in the workplace. Through career-related learning experiences at Englewood Schools, students can apply their intellectual abilities with professional traits and go on to be successful in their adult lives.

Many of our Career + College Success programs prepare students for both career and college, opening up more options for them at graduation. We invite you to explore the programs Englewood Schools offers to determine which are the right fit for your student.