Kimberly Kersen


Welcome to Englewood School District, My name is Kim and I am one of the Cosmetology instructors at Colorado’s Finest Salon and Spa Academy.  I have been in the cosmetology industry 29 years and have been teaching for 17 years.  I am part of an exceptional team that is dedicated to the education of all of our students.  

I love teaching at Finest because we are a family.  As a family we love to learn, laugh and have fun.  

I have 2 sons and a husband I adore as well as 4 little dogs that we spoil.  I love to change the color of my hair and my eye makeup as often as I can.  I love to go 4 wheeling in my yellow Jeep named Tonka.

I am from Texas and I am always told that I have a little bit of an accent, I don’t hear it so y’all will have to tell me when we meet.

Contact Information

Google Voice 720-257-9234