Monica Adams

Hello future professional cosmetologist and esthetician’s!

My name is, Monica Adams and I am lucky enough to be one of your teachers here at CFSAS.

I got my cosmetology license 10 years before Facebook was let that sink in....Lol! So, needless to say, I have seen and learned many amazing changes and trends throughout my career.
I love the colorful industry of cosmetology, esthetics, and the career avenues are endless! I mean, who else gets to express themselves on a daily basis while making other people feel fabulous inside and out, and then get paid for it?!! Sign me up!   

After I signed up and received my cosmetology license I worked in various types of salons, and taught in private schools. Now, I get to share my experiences with you in the classroom, spa, and on our performance floor. This is where you will practice hands on skills. Talking about

experiences, my ever changing hair color...that is an experience! 

When you receive your license and work in a salon, or spa and actually see first hand the glitter we sprinkle on people, and the smiles you receive in return, the gratitude is unmeasurable.

I am excited about meeting each of you and getting you on your way towards a career!

Contact Information

Google Voice 970-439-0331

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Meeting ID 2755945223

Password 3Vn4mD

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COS II AM 8c8d6e

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