Tommy Yearous

I grew up in a small farming and ranching town in Eastern Colorado.  When I had the opportunity to move to Denver in my 20’s I made my way to the big city to find my path in life.  My journey led me in a few different directions!  My first stop was working in a photography/electronics store.  I worked my way through management and found I needed something with a little more creativity.  I had watched a video on how they gave “Mrs. Doubtfire” her look and I instantly took off in a new direction!  I found some Special Effects Makeup classes at a Community College and studied stage makeup and costume construction.  After completing those classes I thought to myself, “If I could do special effects makeup AND hair, I’d have even more options to choose from.”  So, I enrolled in Cosmetology School and upon graduation, started my career as a Cosmetologist at a Training Salon.  After successfully completing their training program, I was asked to join the education team.  I enjoyed teaching the various ages of licensed stylists but, after a few years I felt I was still missing something. I left and made my way through a few salons and I wasn’t always pleased with some of my experiences... I desperately wanted to change that!  My family and friends kept asking me “Are you ever going to find your calling or are you just going to

keep procrastinating?”  I said “Oh just you wait!” Ha Ha!  Cosmetology is an amazing career with endless opportunities and connections.  Michelle was one of my Educators in Cosmetology school and is now the Program Coordinator at Colorado’s Finest Salon and Spa Academy. She asked me to join the amazing team here and I jumped at the offer!  I finally found what was missing!  Now I have the opportunity to make a difference!  Every day I have the privilege of guiding and inspiring young Beauty Industry professionals as they make their way on their own endless path of opportunity! I spend my free time with my pets, I’m a huge Reba fan, I love collecting punny jokes and writing poetry. “We are the author of our own story” and I can’t wait to see you write yours! 

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