Digital Audio Production

The digital audio production program offers students an opportunity to participate in the use of state-of-the art digital audio workstations where they manipulate sound waveforms for music and/or video production. Compositions are focused on student-honed creativity. Students will engage in the following: the foundations of musical theory (offered for concurrent college credit through Arapahoe Community College), the basic structure and techniques to compose their own EDM songs, basic miking, MIDI instruments and samples to record, edit and overdub. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively.

Students interested in learning more about digital audio or music have many other opportunities to participate in the music program as well, including learning to play a guitar,  exploring song writing, learning more about the history of music, etc.  Colorado's finest also has a membership with the Denver Open Media so students have an opportunity to be on the radio or tv. For a more complete list, please explore some of the offering included in this link: Audio Class/Course Descriptions

Additionally, students create audio files that are used by the school for our "bell system."  Student generated music prompts students the passing period between classes is ending.  Different songs are played between each class period and new songs are added every session. 

Music Program

  • Students below can be viewed recording songs, creating digital music, playing instruments, building microphones, songwriting, etc.