Fine Arts Progam


We have an outstanding Fine Arts program that has won numerous awards including The Capitol Hill People’s Fair Mural Project, The Sidewalk Art Festival Award, The First Congressional Art Competition Award and numerous pieces featured in the Englewood Art Calendar Contest. Our students work with a variety of mediums including: acrylics, oil and watercolor painting, clay sculpture, papier-mache' and life drawing. We also partner with our elementary schools as part of an art collaborative mentorship program. Students are also exposed to Denver’s vibrant art scene through field trips to surrounding areas.


Sample Class offerings:


In this class students will grow in ceramics techniques of their choice including pinched sculptures, coiling, slab building, surface design, glazing and the pottery wheel. They will create a digital portfolio showing their progress throughout the session to present their work digitally and possibly present their work in the display cases or various art shows. Open to beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. 

Visual Journaling 

In this art class, participants will learn and practice visual journaling while practicing mainly drawing, painting and collage techniques. Students will alter an old book into a visual diary/journal through the creation of imagery, backgrounds, transferring images, layering and mixing in ephemera, exploring real world themes and quotes, and engaging in reflective writing and drawing.

The Monster Project

Collaboration between Bishop Elementary and Colorado's Finest.

Monsters (All Materials)

In this class we will be given elementary student’s drawings of MONSTERS and will use their artworks to inspire the creation of monsters of our choice. Students will be given free reign of any materials in the classroom. They can use materials they are comfortable using and know well, OR can learn about new materials including paper mache, fabric, clay, drawing, painting, collage and more! Their monsters will be displayed at the district art show opening March 4th alongside the elementary student’s drawings. They will have the opportunity to give the younger englewood student the artwork as a gift after the art show or keep it for themselves.